The Comfy Bear Story

One of the things that means most to us as people and as parents is sustainability and longevity. Taking care of things, making things last. An idea that has been somewhat lost in recent years. We appreciate the finer things in life, but we also love getting some dirt and sweat on us. We live for adventure. Discovering new things, people, places, ways of doing things, ways of thinking. The world is so much larger than us. Our family’s love for people, our desire to contribute back to the world and to leave things better than we found them have led us to create and share our handmade creations.

We believe it is the small things, the details, that make the difference. They help us to slow down, be present, and stay connected to each other.

  • Hand Poured

    Our soaps and candles are hand poured with care and intention in South Carolina.

  • Hand Crafted

    Each item in our store is designed, created, and delivered with care. Handcrafted with purpose.

  • Family Created

    Each item in our store is designed, created, and delivered by our family for yours.

Always Intentional

Every item in our store was made with intention and purpose by our family. We want each of our products to bring joy and calm, to help bring us back to the moment, mindful of what is most important. The details. The little things. The things that last.



Made with care.

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